Full-time: Post Production Manager

post-production manager

Scopic is in search of leaders! As one of the industry’s leading VR agencies we need someone that can actively help us push the boundaries of virtual reality. We need someone with a clear mind and in-depth knowledge of post-production do’s and don’t’s to turn terabytes of data into pioneering results.


  • As post-production manager you will lead a team of stitchers, compositors, editors, animators, and audio engineers in order to reach the results set out by Scopic and the client

  • You are involved gravely with (pre)production and advise the team in how to approach a certain production

  • You communicate efficiently, and you easily bounce between the post-production and account management teams

About you


  • You have at least 5 years proven experience with working in post-production; enough to work independently from day one. VR knowledge is an advantage, but not a necessity

  • The manager we’re looking for is a driven individual that is passionate about film and innovative digital technology. VR is a pioneering medium that requires hard work and sheer motivation

  • You are passionate and ambitious. Accordingly, you actively broaden your knowledge of past, present, and future developments in the digital world

  • You are a team player that can work hard and thrives under pressure

Are you ready to make digital history? Please send an email including your CV, cover letter, and if available your portfolio, to and we’ll get in touch!