Intern: 3D Animator

3d intern at scopic

Scopic’s animation department is looking for fresh talent! Come join our post-production team and work on pioneering VR projects for a variety of international clients. This is a very hands-on internship, so you will get the chance to work on actual projects for actual clients. In doing so, you will learn the do’s and don’t’s of animating in VR.


  • During your internship, you will contribute to setting various 3D animating efforts in motion. Depending on your specialization, you will help in creating models, lighting scenes, and setting up textures and shaders; bring 3D characters to life; or possibly even add physics to our productions

  • Work closely with the post-production team to achieve desired outcomes, outperform standards, and reach deadlines

  • Learn, learn, learn: as the world of VR is continuously changing we need to stay up-to-date with all the developments in the industry. As a part of the post-production team one of your tasks is to research and develop your knowledge on how to smoothen the process, and deliver outstanding results

About you

  • The intern we’re looking for is a driven individual that is passionate about film and innovative technology. VR is a pioneering medium that requires hard work and sheer motivation

  • You have proven experience with 3D animation; enough to work independently from the very beginning

  • You are a team player that can work hard and thrives under pressure

Are you ready to make digital history? Please send an email including your CV, cover letter, and if available your portfolio, to and we’ll get in touch!