A sense of royal luxury in India

There are some things so exclusive they automatically exclude nearly everyone. Things with such finesse they need to be lived in order to be comprehended. For Taj Hotels & Palaces, India’s leading luxury hotel chain, this is summarized with ‘Tajness’ – a feeling of luxury that has been intricately crafted with time, care, and unparalleled vision. Something almost impossible to capture. Almost.  

Capturing India’s finest

Taj challenged Scopic with the task of capturing this feeling so it could be used to entice future guests, and leave others in awe. For each of the five prime locations of Taj’s hotels and palaces, a high-end 360° video of cinematic quality was needed. On Taj’s website and in a customized VR app, visitors could get a glimpse of the feeling that is Tajness.

Think big, think cinematic

In order to communicate a feeling Scopic needed to think in cinematic terms. The production team stayed a total of five weeks in Delhi, Mumbai, Jodhpur, Coorg, and Hyderabad to get the work done. Shot with Scopic’s own Sony A7SII 360 rig, complemented by actors, many extras, drones, chariots, luxury cars, and horses, the production truly was a cinematic one.

The future for luxury holidays?

When finished, the content was published in both a custom VR app used for events and partner meetings, and on Taj’s website for everyone to see. Now you are able to get a glimpse of the Tajness feeling from wherever you are. For potentials guests, this means an opportunity to get even more excited about your forthcoming stay. For others, it can provide an insight into a world that would normally be out of reach. Virtual reality can, as it ‘redefines physical presence’, be a great tool for global luxury accommodations in particular, and the travel industry in general.

So you should ask yourself the question: where do I want to go?

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