Scopic was first created a year ago after we came across a revolutionary new approach to film making. We started testing 360 film techniques and it opened our minds to all the possibilities that it created. Everything since the birth of film can now be revisited and reinvented within this new method of film making.

The video below was our very first 360 video, but there would be many more to come. Our technique has since improved a lot since the first video we did and the possibilities are endless with 360 film. 

2015 promises to be an excellent year for Scopic, with many project due to be released to the public. Now it's time for us to ask Santa for a new Virtual Reality Headset!!

We would like to say thanks to Wemersive for the perfect technology! You guys nailed it! Most of all we would to thank you for all your support over the past year! We look forward to blowing your minds throughout the coming year!


Do you want to see this in your Oculus Rift? please contact us and we will sent you the video!

yori van gerven