Partnership with Samsung Gear VR

We are proud to announce the partnership between Scopic And Samsung. 

Gear VR was born to bring imagination to the reality. 2D screen becomes 3D for you to enjoy the view like a virtual reality with Gear VR. A comfort and mega size ...

The Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus turns your Samsung GALAXY Note 4, S6, or S6 edge smartphone (sold separately) into a portable next-generation virtual reality system. Your smartphone is a state-of-the-art computer and display, which makes it perfect for powering a virtual reality headset that can travel with you anywhere. We developed Gear VR in collaboration with Samsung, unlocking the hidden power of your phone. You can download revolutionary VR games and experiences right from your mobile device. So whether you feel like taking a virtual vacation to the other side of the planet, dogfighting with alien spaceships, or kicking back and watching a movie in your own virtual movie theater, the possibilities with Gear VR are limitless.

And yes... we love it!