On the 21st of December, the official premiere of 'Varanasi' and 'Refugees' will show the world what VR storytelling is all about. 

After nearly three years of brewing images and creating virtual reality, Scopic will host its very own night where our exclusive documentaries will be shown to the world. The main focus of the evening will be on 'Varanasi', the compelling story of a young boy in the oldest city in the world, and on 'Refugees', the award-winning VR experience that places you right in the middle of the ongoing refugee crisis.

Together with VR Cinema in Amsterdam, Scopic presents a VR evening of stunning footage that makes you think. The week after this event, a special package containing Scopic's proudest work will be offered at the cinema for anyone to watch.  

Refugees: one year later

It has been a year since Scopic shot the hardships on Lesbos, Greece. Since then, the documentary has received five awards and has been recognized as a great tool to create awareness and stimulate empathy.

In an attempt to restore the humane perspective of the refugee crisis and offer new insights to the public, Scopic used the art of VR storytelling and brought it to the shores of Lesbos. Here, hundreds of Syrian, Afghani, and Iraqi refugees are arriving every day, aiming to make their way into western Europe and hopefully to better lives. By combining VR footage with recordings of the erratic tirades of right-wing leaders, Scopic shows you an important part of the largest forced migration since the second world war, and places it in a unique perspective. Also, by accompanying journalist Hans Jaap Melissen on his report on the refugee crisis, you get a valuable close look from a unique vantage point.

Now, a year later, Scopic presents the official premiere. On the 21st of December, the film will be showed in the VR Cinema on Oosterdokskade 5, Amsterdam. Together with other work created by Scopic, the film we be available for everyone in the following week.