360° live streaming from the Amsterdam Royal Concert Hall

Sitting between the strings; enjoying Beethoven in virtual reality

Virtual reality is a medium that lends itself to an inexhaustible amount of potential outlets. What would happen if we would combine this innovative new medium with a traditional, well-respected form of art?

Classical music is only popular in some segments of society, although present and recognizable in many genres of music. With VBR, we decided to try and bring classical music closer to the public. In the Concertgebouw (Amsterdam Royal Concert Hall), famous for having the best acoustics in Europe, we placed our 360° UHD live stream camera right between the musicians on stage.

Outside, we placed theatre chairs and Samsung Gear VRs, allowing passersby to sneak a peek inside the venue giving them a unique classical music experience, in some cases for the first time!

Check out the activation aftermovie below: