Scopic and EY: Rebuilding recruitment tools

Scouting for talent in virtual reality

Last year, Scopic and EY joined forces to produce the recruitment video of the future. In virtual reality, business partners and potential employees were taken on a journey through the world of EY, providing them with unique insights. Now, the video is being used as a successful tool on corporate events and conferences, where people such as Umberto Tan can be immersed in the virtual world of EY.

Humberto Tan 

As for Scopic, their relationship with EY did not end there; the collaboration between the two is still growing rapidly. Scopic recently joined the EYnovation project, allowing a young company like Scopic to learn directly from the corporate giant that is EY. Together, Scopic and EY embarked on a rewarding journey where innovation, tech, and the corporate world all come together.