Awarded “Best European Independent Experimental Film"

The Independent European Film Festival - Europe’s premier event for independent cinema - awarded the winners of its 2016 edition in Paris last Sunday.
After three days of screening a total of 77 films from 33 countries categorised in 14 categories, the judging panel made their decision and awarded “Best Experimental Film” to our VR Documentary “Refugees”.

The documentary was directed by our Chief Editor Eduardo Hernandez Perez, who came back from Paris with its first award: the Best European Independent Experimental Film.

It was a first for the festival organisation, as we introduced them to Virtual Reality, but also to all attending colleague filmmakers. They now experienced the power of Virtual Reality, witnessing first-hard that it goes much beyond gaming, and that this technology can be used to create amazing immersive film experiences.
Yes, we are really excited to have met other talented filmmakers, and being able to provide them with new insights regarding filmmaking technology!

For us, we can say that this festival will remain etched in Scopic’s history, as we won our first award! Thanks to this documentary and our dedicated team, we are boosted like never before to be part of the evolution of the filmmaking industry.

If you have not seen it yet, make you sure to watch our awarded VR documentary:

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