First high-end cinema VR camera

We've got it: the Nokia OZO

Nearly 10 months ago, Nokia announced its first Virtual Reality camera, the OZO: the first high-end cinema VR camera for professional use.
Since then, the entire VR industry held its breath and secretly hoped it would be the ultimate solution for cinematographic VR filmmaking. With no footage available, no-one was actually able to say if this camera would live up to its expectations.

But fortunately, Scopic can. We are proud to announce that we have the OZO in house, and are busy pushing it to the limit.

Indeed, Scopic is the first company in Europe to try and have the latest VR camera. The OZO is an ideal studio camera for a controlled environment, and it produces high quality footage combined with immersive audio recording. Thanks to its 2K-by-2K sensor and its real-time 3D playback, we can say that the OZO is the first high end cinema VR camera.

It is built to push the boundaries, enabling filmmakers to concentrate on the most important thing: the content, the story, and the perfect shot.

The Nokia OZO is a welcome addition to our VR equipment. Now more than ever is Scopic able to produce amazing VR content in terms of cinema and broadcasting. We can adjust the equipment we use to the client’s needs with ultimate precision.

The Nokia OZO in numbers:

  • 1 high-end camera
  • 2K by 2K sensor
  • 3D
  • 8 lenses
  • 30 frames/sec
  • 360º coverage
  • ∞ VR footage possibilities

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